STUDIO VISIT: South London Print Studio

Studio Visit: South London Print Studio on the Print Club Ltd. Journal

Printmakers as a group tend to be a generous, friendly sort of bunch. With this in mind I shouldn’t have been surprised that when I was greeted by Tom Murphy, Founder of South East Print Studio that I found  him to be exactly that - what a winner. SEPS is currently in a temporarily downsized state between studios but Tom has set up the studio in the most organized and economical manner and I think it’s really a testament to the quality of work that can be produced even when space is tight. 

Tom has structured the studio to focus on contract work for early career and established artists around the UK and he is currently printing some really stellar work. He also prints at the London screenprinting powerhouse K2 and the quality of his printing really reflects that added experience. Expect very big things from this fellow!