Print Shop LA was born from the joint efforts of four LA-based artists Heavy Gel (Jayes Caitlin), Press Friends (Sean Hernandez), Michelle Miller and Dave Kloc. In a city with such a rich print history it’s pretty mindblowing that there isn’t a more comprehensive network of open access printshops - but Print Shop is basically flying that flag solo. We had previously visited Heavy Gel and were excited to experience this bigger, more expansive iteration of their print mission.

Sean and Michelle generously showed us around the multi-level space that houses screenprinting, risograph and also some relief printing facilities. They clearly have a drive to make Print Shop as diverse as its hometown, with a focus on programming (workshops, artist residency opportunities, open houses) that support artists of all backgrounds, races, ages, art experience and gender-identification. Sean produces a large amount of high-quality contract printing work that helps subsidize the less lucrative but no less important aspects of Print Shop’s program. While Michelle is about to join the next MFA cohort at Yale - insisting that the plan is to be on the first flight back to LA after graduation, no doubt bringing new experiences and larger network to continue Print Shop’s ambitious evolution.