We are thrilled to announce that we now offer custom framing for all Fractured Gems prints!

We have teamed up with fellow Bostonians Adjective Art and Framing to offer three beautiful timber framing options - Whitewash Maple, Oiled Cherry and Oiled Walnut. Each finish has been chosen to complement our colorful printed designs and in framing you're not only displaying your print in the most stunning way you're also ensuring its long, happy life free from damage and wear. 

The Club


Print Club Boston is an online source for limited edition, fine art silkscreen prints. We release new collections twice yearly that have have a specific theme as their inspiration. We print small runs by hand and keep our prints accessibly priced so that they can find new homes with print lovers everywhere!


Let's work on something:

In addition to our store, The Club is always excited by any potential collaborations or projects. We love taking on new design and print work, feel free to get in touch: info@jointheprintclub.com


The Community


We love when we can connect with other designs and makers around the world, if you would like to propose a print swap, have a story you would like shared on our blog or if you'll be in Boston and want to meet please don't hesitate to contact us! info@jointheprintclub.com


Community Print Shop:

The Club aims to establish a membership-based community silkscreen shop in the Boston area. If you would like to be kept updated on our progress and contacted once membership opens please join our mailing list.