Print Club Preferred Vendors

These are some of the spots we head to for all of our printing materials, if you have any questions about vendors or technical queries, feel free to shoot us an email!


Screens and Squeegees:


- Their aluminum frames are best as they don’t warp and can be wiped down without remaining damp (as wooden frames tend to)

- Their squeegees are sold by the inch so you can choose exactly the size you want, we use the “medium” density for the rubber on the squeegee.

- 83-110 mesh count is appropriate for textile printing, 230 is the regular mesh count for more detailed paper-based printing.



- It’s easiest to get nice printing results on hot-pressed paper as it has less surface texture. Bristol and Stonehenge are a couple of nice, smooth paper surfaces we often use.




- While it looks very similar to regular acrylic paint, screenprinting ink has additives that help prevent it from drying too quickly in the mesh of your screen so be sure you’re getting the right stuff.

- Speedball is the cheapest and most basic ink so a good place to start, Jacquard is a higher quality brand with greater vibrancy and coverage but often more expensive.   

Hinged printing Board:

We posted a great how-to on making your own hinge board on our blog here