Amie Cunat - Rug

Amie Cunat - Rug

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Twelve color silkscreen print
Edition of 20
22" x 24"

This edition with New York-based artist Amie Cunat, draws from her ongoing research and reimagining of historical artifacts created by the Shakers. The piece began with a three dimensional, constructed object - a Shaker-inspired braided rug with hand-painting. Its photographic documentation became the basis for the print. Created at a 1:1 scale, the “original” rug has since been destroyed, leaving the “life-size” print as its proxy.

Each print is individually signed by the artist embossed and annotated to mark its edition number. All our pieces are printed on 100% cotton, fine art paper.

Framing Options:

Standard – We offer this piece framed in a high quality, custom WHITE frame through Simply Framed. Typical turnaround is 2-3 weeks including shipping.

Premium – We have selected a vibrant BLUE painted hardwood frame with dark blue contrasted splines through Adjective Art & Framing. Typical turnaround 3-4 weeks including shipping.

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