Amie Cunat - Rug

Amie Cunat - Rug

from 470.00

Twelve color silkscreen print
Edition of 20
22" x 24"

This edition with New York-based artist Amie Cunat, draws from her ongoing research and reimagining of historical artifacts created by the Shakers. The piece began with a three dimensional, constructed object - a Shaker-inspired braided rug with hand-painting. Its photographic documentation became the basis for the print. Created at a 1:1 scale, the “original” rug has since been destroyed, leaving the “life-size” print as its proxy.

Each print is individually signed by the artist embossed and annotated to mark its edition number. All our pieces are printed on 100% cotton, fine art paper.

Framing Options:

Standard – We offer this piece framed in a high quality, custom WHITE frame through Simply Framed. Typical turnaround is 2-3 weeks including shipping.

Premium – We have selected a vibrant blue painted frame with dark blue contrasted splines through Adjective Art & Framing. Typical turnaround 3-4 weeks including shipping.

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Amie Cunat is a Japanese-American raised in the rural city, McHenry, IL. Her recent exhibitions include Clue, Cue at Foley Gallery (NY), Blood and Sand at Mountain (NY), Oysters with Lemon at Ventana 244 (NY), Octopi Koen at The Cooper Union (NY), and Marks at AIRY Gallery (Kofu, Japan). Cunat was recently awarded a solo exhibition and fellowship for the 2016 Sunroom Project Space at Wave Hill (NY). She lives and works in New York, NY.