Print Club Ltd. Veggie Graphics

We recently finished up such a fun project with the Somerville Farm to School program in our local area Somerville, MA. In their words:

 “The Somerville Farm to School Project works to EMPOWER MINDFUL EATERS! As a project of the Food and Nutrition Services Department of the Somerville Public Schools we work closely with kitchen staff, educators and community based organizations to provide good food inspiration and education to students and parents so that Somerville’s youth can eat well all day long- both in school and at home.”

This is a mission we can certainly get behind and we were thrilled to design their Veggie of the Month Series that will be printed and live around various school campuses. We will share the next few months early next year.

October is also National Farm to School Month so be sure to pop over to their website to see how you can support the initiatives that are crucial to the healthy lives of young Americans.