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Does Print Club Ltd. ship overseas?

Absolutely! Anywhere and everywhere, just check the international shipping in the check-out drop down menu.

Are my prints archival?

Yes! All Print Club Ltd. pieces are produced on 100% acid-free paper which means they have a life expectancy of over 1,000 years.

How should I frame or display my prints?

The best way to love your prints and ensure their long, happy life is certainly to have them framed. A high quality frame can prevent damage, fading and also show your prints off in their best possible light. If you are interested in having your print framed through our site, take a look at our framing information.

My prints aren't perfectly flat, should I try to flatten them?

Because of shipping costs, prints posted internationally will arrive carefully packaged in sturdy tubes. A day or two under some heavy books and they'll be nice and flat. However, keep in mind that because of the nature of cotton paper, it will respond to differing levels of humidity in the air. Sometimes paper will lay flat and other times it will slightly ripple. This is natural and a lovely reminder of its physicality as an organic object, embrace its paper personality!

Do you give discounts to designers?

We love to work with design professionals and are pleased to extend a 15% discount to interior designers, architects, stylists, art consultants, decorators - just send us an note from your company email and we'll reply with your Designer Coupon code. 

Do you accept returns?

If your prints have arrived damaged in any way we will send a replacement free of any charge and pay for your damaged prints to be posted back to us. In the unlikely event that you're not 100% happy with your prints when they arrive we are happy to arrange for replacements to be sent or for store credit on a future purchase.