Stephanie Specht


Color Studies for OTIS College, 2019



Stephanie Specht (born 1982) is a graphic artist based in Antwerp, Belgium. Her approach can best described as touching both the rational and organic fields; a symbiotic relationship that creates a special visual balance in all of Specht's work. Pieces have been shown at Picture Room, Brooklyn NY, OTIS College of Art and Design, LA as well as numerous other venues in Seoul, Mexico City and Stockholm.


The search for integration of intuition and spirituality in her work is one which has become increasingly significant to Stephanie in recent years. One will miss the essence when it’s characterized as a search. For like certain other uniquely human experiences, it doesn’t appear on demand, it can’t be quantified or defined exactly, and it isn’t provided as the reward for will.

Stability, 2018

Available Works

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