Jonathan Ryan Storm


Clepsydra, 2017. [Courtesy of David Shelton Gallery]



Storm (b. 1980, Phoenix, AZ) lives and works in Brattleboro, Vermont. He is a graduate in metaphysics from Wheaton College (BA, 2003). His exhibitions include Morgan Lehman Gallery (New York, USA, 2018), Cardoza (Houston, USA, 2015), Menil Bookstore (Houston, USA, 2015), David Shelton Gallery (Houston, USA, 2015) and Farewell Books (Austin, USA, 2015).


Jonathan Ryan Storm’s work is about finding balance while solving a puzzle. As in the opening chess move, traps are laid where colors conflict with one another, where circles mirror each other and, in order to advance, some are sacrificed.

What Armageddon, 2017 [Courtesy of David Shelton Gallery]

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