Jerry Birchfield


How Great is that Darkness, 2017



Jerry Birchfield, born 1985, lives and works in Cleveland, OH. He holds an MFA from Cornell University (2014). In Cleveland, Birchfield has exhibited at SPACES Gallery, Zygote Press, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the sunroom, and the Cleveland Foundation as well as the Print Center in Philadelphia. Stagger When Seeing Visions presented at the Cleveland Museum of art in 2017 was Birchfield’s first institutional solo exhibition.


Jerry Birchfield’s practice revolves around the question of how images emulate or subvert the sources from which they came. Through complex photographic and sculptural processes, his works go through various stages of transformation, from surrogate to self-reference. The making of meaning is synonymous with the search for the beginning and the end.

Sometimes All I Need is the Air that I Breathe, 2017

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