Henna Vainio


Terry, 2017
Plaster, pigment and fiberglass



Henna Vainio (b. 1981, Finland) lives and works in San Francisco. Vainio earned her MFA from Slade School of Fine Art, UCL in London and her BFA from Chelsea College of Arts in London. She has had solo exhibitions at Ratio 3, San Francisco, Outpost, Norwich, UK; Capital, San Francisco; and Pracownia Potretu, Lodz, Poland. In late August, 2019 Vainio will present a solo exhibition of new sculptural work at Josh Lilley Gallery, London.


Working with pigmented plaster, Vainio produces wall-mounted objects and freestanding sculptures that suggest animated motion, balance, and agencies of their own. Vainio’s series of sculptures titled Legs are cast from bent and balanced corrugated cardboard molds. The various interlocking lengths of her sculptures are suggestive of limbs and structural buttresses. Bearing relation to the body, the contortions of Vainio’s cast forms imply movement; each is at once fluid and solid, both stable and vulnerable.

(text courtesy of Ratio 3)

Legs (ochre), 2018
Plaster, pigment, fiberglass and steel

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