Graham McDougal


Hotzestrasse 23, 2013



Graham McDougal (b. 1976, Edinburgh) lives in Sacramento and works as an assistant professor at the University of California Davis. His work has been exhibited recently at Regina Rex, NY, Firstdraft and KNULP, in Sydney and Outside Gallery, North Adams, MA. His prints and multiples have been included in projects at the Print Center Philadelphia, Printed Matter Inc. and Picture Room, NY.


Graham McDougal’s silkscreens are as much paintings as they are prints, as much representational as they are abstract. Beginning with a few selections of text-based imagery from vintage art and design journals, the artist puts his source material through a series of mutations. Among other trials, he crops, scans, photocopies, digitally alters, combines, prints, and tweaks by hand the imagery’s most minute details to create dizzyingly complex compositions. 

Hotzestrasse 23, 2014

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