Green Hedge

Green Hedge


This hand pulled two-color screenprint uses imagery from photographs we took during a trip to Paris of all the beautiful hedgerows in the city's gardens. Each print is individually numbered and produced in a very limited edition.

Edition: 30 prints produced of this design.  

Dimensions: 15" x 22"

Material: Waterbased silkscreen inks printed on 100% cotton, fine art paper.


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The prints in this series focus on the garden trellis, a structure which simultaneously addresses the potential for fertile expansion and the unnatural structure of the grid. Described by theorist Rosalind Krauss as "what art looks like when it turns its back on nature", the grid has intrinsic connections to the overtly ordered or systematized. The use of the trellis in formal gardens as a tool for manipulating or ornamentalizing the other natural growth of plants could situate the trellis as a point where art and nature meet the grid.
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